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Today there were extremely high tides and extremely low tides. We’ve visited the Cabrillo tidepools on other occasions, but since we were here in San Diego and we have the National Parks pass AND the tide was going to be super low, we decided to head over there. We weren’t the only people with this idea in our heads apparently.

We waited about 25 minutes in a line just to get into the park area. We were lucky, very lucky, to get there right as they were opening up the road down to the tidepools. When we got to the bottom of the road, we were the fifth car into the parking lot where there were 5 open spots. Our sister and brother-in-law were not so lucky (as were many other people). I was grateful to not have to hike up and down the long, long hill.

After slipping into the water a few times in her not-made-for-slippery-rock-navigating shoes, our 4yo started singing a song about how she didn’t care for these rocks and stuff and wanted to go back to Bampa and Nonna’s. She only wanted to see a starfish. On our way back to shore that’s exactly what we found. Whew!
I enjoy coming here. I was a little surprised that our 2yo remembered our last trip to Cabrillo. On our way back to the car she asked if I was stung by a bee again like last time.

Great parking, a starfish and no bee stings, so many things to be thankful for  on this Thanksgiving weekend trip to the tidepools.

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We’ve let her pick out her own clothes since she expressed a desire to do so, and now our opinionated fashionista  is creating her own pieces…her very own style. 

Medium: Stickers, Colored Markers, One Old Gray Tank Top

It sure makes it easier to clean out my closet when I know the old clothes will be turned into something so unique  that also gives one of my favorite people in the world such joy. She wore this dress to the bluegrass jam and reptile pet store that evening as well as all day the next day.

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2 legs + 2 legs + 2 arms + 2 more arms equals…

“We’re a squid-octopus!”

Today we went to the tot lot by the pier. We hung out there longer than I used to last. Much longer. After our first trip across the U.S. I came to appreciate playgrounds in a way I never thought I would.

The earth movers are still pushing one side of the beach to the other. While this work goes on we can’t play on the actual beach during the day…just near it. 

The baby isn’t much of a baby anymore. She’s growing up.

We met a few new friends. The girls met a 5yo who lent them her shovels. When she asked for them back in order to lend them to another child my girls gave them back with long faces.

I met a family with an 8mo who moved to town a few months back. A few minutes after a brief outburst from our otherwise happy and busy 2yo, the wife asked what we do for discipline and specifically whether or not we spank. Based on the way she said it and the other things we talked about, I was fairly certain that she was pro-spanking even though I have no idea if she’s spanked her 8mo. I explained that we try to avoid punitive discipline as well as reward/praise discipline techniques and use other methods that don’t decrease intrinsic motivation. We also discussed, briefly, using discussions with older children and redirection with babies. I’m not sure that I was the greatest voice for non-violent/unconditional/attachement based parenting, but at least I didn’t change the subject.

After our new friends left, my 4yo started hopping around making claw prints as she went.

“What kind of frog am I? I lived when the dinosaurs lived!”

“I don’t know.” I didn’t know.

“I’m a Paleobatrachus!” Thank you Dinosaur Train.

Soon, they began making trails that led to t-rex, alligator and paleobatrachus tracks. Its nice to know they are remembering our recent field trip across America and specifically the stop at Dinosaur Valley State Park which was one of my personal favorites.

After hanging out at the playground we headed up to the pier to say to Slick who is not a seal (as the sign says) because he has ears. 

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Saw The Space Station

Tonight we made our first berm climb of the “winter.” We were out there looking for the International Space Station which passed across the early night sky above Catalina (from where we watched). It was chilly so we didn’t last long. The girls had fun digging, rolling and sliding in the sand. They were interested in the moving star for about three seconds.

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