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Our “baby” girl is just about 2 years and 2 months. She reminded me today, “You have two nipples, ‘member, Mama. You have two nipples.” A few minutes later she tells me, “I have some-ping else for you to laugh.” And then she spits. Thank you baby girl for the laughs today. 

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Our 5yo is obsessed with cats.

When my husband and I got married, I almost had a NO-pets clause put into our vows.

Somehow, having children obsessed with animals is weakening my resolve.

At the moment, they still have to settle for playing cats, kittens and Magic-Cat all…day…long.

I’ve been told that most unschooling households include pets.

I still don’t know if I am capable of being happy in a house with pets.

But, I am





Yesterday, a cat showed up in our backyard and then wandered into the house. How do I stop imagining fleas every time I sit on the rug?

She named it Rosalee. It only stayed for a half hour or so, but they were so happy.

I felt a panic rise up in me every time it came close and I stared it down, because I remember hearing on one of the dozens of cat documentaries we’ve watched that cats will approach people who don’t pay attention to it and avoid people who are too friendly or stare.

I stared hard.

They absolutely insist that I watch these Magic-Cat shows. And every time I do, my heart softens and I start imaging our life with a cat.

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This has been hanging out in the hallway this week and every time I read it, I feel more free.


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I saw this tutorial on making popsicle stick harmonicas the other day here and had to try it for ourselves. 

We already had lots of large tongue depressor sized “popsicle” sticks that the girls had colored on, so we used those. 

We found that we could change the sound that came out by varying the pressure of our lips as we blew on our harmonicas. 

FYI: They don’t work so well wet as the paper begins to disintegrate surprisingly quickly . So, don’t lick them…or blow on them with ice in your mouth…in case you were thinking about doing that.

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This morning our 3yo climbed into bed with me. “I love spending time with you Mommy,” she said, and then continued, “speaking of which, could we go to the coffee shop together?”


Hot bagels and hot chocolate for her, iced cold coffee for me with a dash of cinnamon…beautiful start to the day.
Today she built a tower with four stories, a spire and front and back doors.

And then we were off to the park to meet up with the rest of the family.


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Today we watched the space shuttle get a piggyback ride from a jumbo jet. The girls played “wild cats” in the park and we had a picnic of Surfer Specials (bean burritos and orange bang and horchata) with our friends while we waited to see the space shuttle fly directly overhead. Had we known the exact route, we would have gone out to the end of the pier so that we would have possibly had a better (from the side) angle, but it was pretty incredible to have it fly right over us. The photo below was taken by my dad (the girls’ grandpa).

After lunch and seeing the space shuttle in the air for the very last time ever, we hung out in the courtyard at home and took turns on the swing. We took a trip to the grocery store and when Daddy came home we went out to dinner for fish and chips, tacos, lemonade and a jalapeño margarita (for Mama).

We tried to watch Jimmy Neutron, but the girls and Flower and Daisy (their stuffed animal cats who were covering their eyes too) found the chicken-headed alien space ships too scary, so we finished off the day watching a cool documentary on evolution (Evolution: Things You Need To Know, BBC).

As our favorite Winne the Pooh book says, “what a wonderful day its been. Tomorrow, let’s do it all again!” Except maybe, I want to do different wonderful stuff.

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