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There are many things I like about this clip. I like the admonition to trust in the curiosity of children. I like that another adult in this world is saying, let them pick the petals off the flowers! I like the message of say “yes” more. I like the “strewing” example…leave out the binoculars. He also couples “get out of their way” with “help them explore.” It’s not a stop-parenting thing, it’s actually a different approach to parenting…it’s a help them approach and a stop stopping them approach.

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This has been hanging out in the hallway this week and every time I read it, I feel more free.


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Today we watched the space shuttle get a piggyback ride from a jumbo jet. The girls played “wild cats” in the park and we had a picnic of Surfer Specials (bean burritos and orange bang and horchata) with our friends while we waited to see the space shuttle fly directly overhead. Had we known the exact route, we would have gone out to the end of the pier so that we would have possibly had a better (from the side) angle, but it was pretty incredible to have it fly right over us. The photo below was taken by my dad (the girls’ grandpa).

After lunch and seeing the space shuttle in the air for the very last time ever, we hung out in the courtyard at home and took turns on the swing. We took a trip to the grocery store and when Daddy came home we went out to dinner for fish and chips, tacos, lemonade and a jalapeño margarita (for Mama).

We tried to watch Jimmy Neutron, but the girls and Flower and Daisy (their stuffed animal cats who were covering their eyes too) found the chicken-headed alien space ships too scary, so we finished off the day watching a cool documentary on evolution (Evolution: Things You Need To Know, BBC).

As our favorite Winne the Pooh book says, “what a wonderful day its been. Tomorrow, let’s do it all again!” Except maybe, I want to do different wonderful stuff.

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