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Oldest made me a dot-to-dot today. There were 14 numbered dots. To me it looked like a sunfish. She responded cheerfully that she had been trying to make a bird.

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While we were staying in San Francisco, we visited the museum for children at Coyote Point called CuriOdyssey.  It was a great museum for kids our girls’ ages. Well, maybe not our youngest, but I don’t know many museums that are meant for children under a year. Our 2yo and our 4yo loved it. We arrived ten minutes before the otter feeding was scheduled so that’s where we headed first.

The otters were so much fun to watch because they were in such a playful mood. They kept swimming right up to the glass and popping up out of the water right in front of the girls. The girls’ and the otters’ noses were about a half an inch from each other through the glass. Belle and Gunner (the otters) were fed and we made our way through the other animal exhibits before heading inside to the science and hands-on exhibits.

The animal exhibits at this museum are great for actually getting to see the animals. The animals that we didn’t see outside were usually visible from their indoor viewing areas. There seemed to be two or three windows into each animal enclosure, so if an animal seemed to be hiding when we were in one area, they were usually visible from another.

My favorite hands-on exhibit inside the museum was a magnetic gear wall. At the bottom of the wall was a gear permanently attached to the wall that had a handle so that it could be rotated. At the top of the wall was another gear that could rotate a long belt that would cause a bell to ring close to the ceiling. There were a whole lot of magnetic gears that you could place anywhere on the wall. We managed to get them to go all the way to the top and attach to the top gear and ring the bell.

Our 4yo ran right over to the pipe building table and began connecting the pipes to create some sort of structure. She remained silent and focussed as she built.  When she was done she seemed quite pleased with herself. She sighed in satisfaction and promptly moved on to the next activity.

We tried pretty much everything and then headed to see the tarantula and the beehive. There were many tables to stop and play with and fight over along the way. On our way back, we ended up having lots of fun at the tables with the giant clear pipes with air blowing through them from beneath. There are piles of foam shapes on the floor that you can insert into the pipes and watch float up, up, up and out the top. The girls did this for a while and then they started making flowers and bouquets and marshmallows on sticks and piles of sticks/campfires (for roasting their marshmallows) and other imaginative things with the foam shapes. It was a nice break for me to sit and watch what they came up with.

We had a great time and I recommend this place to anyone who lives in or is visiting this area with kids 18 months and up. The playgrounds at the park are pretty cool too so there’s plenty to do for an entire afternoon.

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