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Oldest made me a dot-to-dot today. There were 14 numbered dots. To me it looked like a sunfish. She responded cheerfully that she had been trying to make a bird.

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We love to draw with chalk. Our courtyard is covered and semi-permanently stained with many, many colors of chalk. Several weeks ago, we drove up to Redondo Beach to check out their Chalk Festival. I had only heard about it the day before, so it was too late to register to have the girls participate. When we arrived, we walked right by, or would have walked right by, the arcade. My husband seemed as drawn in as the girls. They walked around for a minute and then the girls took a ride on the little merry-go-round. They bopped some frogs and then we escaped.

When we found the Chalk Festival, there were still plenty of amateur/family entries available and the organizers easily talked us into participating. We were handed a registration form and a bag of pale chalk. The theme was “the earth” and we took it pretty literally. Surrounding our beige and blue planet, however, were fairies, hearts, dinosaurs, other planets, a dolphin (I think) and a pink house. Deep stuff. If we could have explained it, we wouldn’t have had to draw it folks.

Even the baby got into it.

We were sandwiched in between two professional artists who were planning on spending the entire four available hours to complete their drawings. We took away a few things from watching them work: gloves, grids, starting in the middle and (the most exciting discovery for me) pastel chalk! I had only ever seen oil pastels. I had no idea chalk pastels existed. I still haven’t made it to the art store to pick some up. I think I might try to do that before we leave on our long trip.

You can kind of see one of our neighboring artist’s gridded square in the picture below. And there I am smudging Baja. 

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She’s drawing a picture of “dogs in a cage, on top of a house and outside in the shining sun.”  She tells us the dogs’ stories as she draws.  She writes the name of her Grandma’s goldfish on the top of the page.  She explains that she’s going to give the drawing to the fish.  She tells us what some of the things on the page symbolize (hearts are for love and the sun is for “feeling happy”). She signs her own name at the bottom of the page and then she makes up and sings what she calls “The Poodle Song.”

How do we categorize this time? Drawing, artistic symbolism, music composition and performance, reading and writing, story and generosity?  It is abundance. With everything in rich context. Yet some would feel more comfortable if I would say, “its time to practice your letters. Now let’s sit down and quietly focus on writing the alphabet.”

If everything she learns has a clear context, will she feel the need to search for meaning?

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It is late-March 2011.  Our 4yo daughter’s art is at an early turning point.  It has progressed from the more ordered scribbling from this time last year to this:

She likes to sign her name and she also enjoys writing her sister’s name as well.  If she is making a card for someone in particular, she almost always wants to write their name somewhere on the drawing. I find it to be a very good opportunity to practice letters and help her figure out which letters make which sounds.

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