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We are in the middle of a move. The house is half packed up. Many of the toys are packed in boxes. Too many are already in the RV (have I mentioned that we are moving into an RV?).

Today we took a break  from packing and we all went to a little amusement park. We met up with some friends and the day was filled with rides and Icees  and friends, animals, animal poop, a number of tears and many laughs and hugs.

The train got stuck on the other end of the park, so the guys hopped out and pushed it along the track until it got going again on its own.

The Icees hit the spot. Youngest was sad that they didn’t make chocolate flavor, but she settled for watermelon which tasted much more like cotton candy, imo.

The petting zoo was quite a hit until Youngest got poop on her hand, or rather, until everyone looked at her because she had poop on her hand…please don’t look at her…divert your attention. 

Middlest loves roller coasters. She tried both the back and the front cars and learned first hand that the back feels faster.

Oldest  was cautious with the rides. Today she enjoyed the merry-go-round, quite a few rounds actually. 

The hot air balloon ride made me dizzy. Trying to dial the phone and take pictures while riding the hot air balloon ride made me queasy and dizzy. 

This morning, Oldest and I were trying to figure out how the waitress at the restaurant did her hair, yesterday. I thought it looked like this, but apparently it was all wrong. We decided together that next time we’ll ask if we can take a picture. We spent some time browsing through Pintrest hair demos, but none of them were what she was imagining.

So, we have a project this week…find and bookmark hair styles for Oldest…oh yeah, and FINISH PACKING!!

Back to work.

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Our kids like to help out. Especially when it involves painting!

When we transitioned the youngest from a crib to her own bed, we were able to make more play space in their room by putting two crib mattresses under the loft bed that we already had. We decided to put a little cabinet in between the two beds under the loft bed for storage and a shared nightstand.

Our oldest painted some designs on the front before we painted the whole things blue. I need to get a piece of furniture that she can go to town on!

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We followed this recipe. I didn’t have the cream of tartar on hand, so we used baking soda and a tablespoon of oil (instead of a teaspoon). It worked great! If I had more salt in the house, we would have made yellow and purple and orange too. 

Dad is gone for the weekend and I am dieting. My brain is slow and I am tired, but we are still managing to have some fun, even though my $6 smoothie spilled all over the driveway and I managed to make everyone angry at once a few hours ago. We’ve since made up and have had a nice, quieter afternoon. 

The theme was nests. These are starfish and a starfish nest.

“Nest, nest, nest!” Pat, pat, pat.

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We’ve been sick now for almost two weeks. Its been rough at times, but we’ve found plenty to keep us busy. On the toughest days when we’ve been stuck mostly on the couch and in bed that has included quite a bit of Dora, Diego and Bob the Builder. I’m trying to be okay with that.

We’ve also played dress up. Here is our 4yo in one of daddy’s old beanies, bunny ears, finger-less gloves, with a tutu (off camera) and a flower tail (also off camera). She’s also fully accessorized, as you can see. I think she was combining Christmas, Easter and Halloween into one outfit.

Our 2yo has set up several picnics over the last couple weeks. She is very fastidious about it and guards her set up from her siblings even though they are invited to her party. She’s very particular about what they touch and what they “eat.” She remembers exactly where something goes if someone, say a 1yo who’s learned to tease, snatches an item without permission.

After beginning this painting, I found our 2yo sitting on the floor in the playroom with her head between her knees. I asked her what was wrong and she answered, “I can’t paint anything lovely.” I asked her if she wanted to come try again and walked with her back to the craft table where we sat down, got a fresh paper and tried a different brush. She ended up being much happier with her second, third and fourth attempts.

She wants to give these to specific people for Christmas.

This is how I kept sane with paints. I was even able to place another sheet of wax paper over the remaining paint and save it for the next time (which was later that day and then again the next day). We had a lot of fun discussing and trying out how to combine colors to create new colors.

The girls like to use the barstools for their pretend cages. Lately we’ve been on a Dirty Jobs kick in the evenings and their favorite episode has been one where Mike Rowe visits an animal sanctuary with kangaroos, camels and lemurs. There has been a lot of lemur activity and a lot of lemur questions around our place this week.

We’ve also decorated and redecorated the tree, made several batches of scones, made giant snow flakes, read many books, danced quite a lot of stories, wrapped gifts, learned how to spell new words. Of course, the list would have been longer if we weren’t so sick, but life can still be full during these down times.

We’ve taken care of each other over the last couple weeks. Yes, these girls even take care of me by bringing me water when I cough even though I’ve never asked them to do this. They pat my head when I’m laying down. They share their favorite blankets with me. They hang up their art to cheer me up. 

We’ve also had a lot of practice being kind even though we don’t feel well. Sometimes that is hard to do even for adults. But we’re learning and practicing and getting better at it.

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Today as I was trying to write about deep things, I kept being interrupted by little girls wanting to play with baby dolls. “Mama can you put this baby in my tummy…on my back…ergo…pretend ergo…blanket…bag…” Then the 1yo would motion and grunt for me to help her get the pacifier in the doll’s mouth or the sewed-on hat off the doll’s head or the doll dress off another doll. After about 17 births and 47 outfit changes the requests turned into, “will you wrap me like a baby?” “And me! And me!”  And the 1yo would grunt and adorably find a blanket to hand to me too.

I started off hesitantly and not too enthusiastic as I wrapped and re-wrapped dozens of times. If you think swaddle wrapping a newborn can be a lot of work, wrapping 4yo’s and toddlers is a full-body workout and I’m already sore from my “real” workout today! But, slowly as I loosened up on my desire to get back to my writing and began to get into the playful spirit myself, it became a whole lot of fun for me too. I even got some great shots of smiles and sisterly affection to help me remember.

I have to pause sometimes and remind myself that this is so good for us. After moments spent connecting like this, we all just feel better. It somehow resets strained relationships and allows the communication to flow smoothly. These moments are gifts and I hope they keep coming!

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